GlideTouch® capacitive touch panels from Cirque are optically clear, touch sensitive panels that can be placed over LCD displays. GlideTouch® works by using “projected mutual capacitance”. This is based on traditional Cirque touchpad technology and can be found in millions of devices around the world.


The sensor panel consists of an ITO grid deposited on a glass substrate and protected by an additional front layer of glass. This sensing grid is routed to the Cirque touch controller which monitors the capacitive changes in the grid caused by the presence of a tethered pen or a finger. The sensing grid is below the glass touch surface and no protective layers above the glass are necessary, resulting in an extremely durable surface.

Interact 3D

Cirque panels also feature Interact3D technology, allowing for detection of a hand approaching the panel.

No special calibration is required and the touch system automatically compensates for environmental conditions. GlideTouch® can also provide precise tracking using a small tipped stylus, resulting in more effective signature capture than competing technologies.

GlideTouch® is an ideal touch panel solution when security is a concern. The fundamental operation of GlideTouch® mutual capacitance technology provides an extremely secure solution for PIN entry. Security attacks cannot interpret usable data from the sensor grid electrodes. Further, proprietary algorithms detect the presence of potential attacks and render the system non-functional.

  • Projected capacitance senses through the panel material, enabling a variety of construction options.
  • Clear (ITO) or opaque touch panels allow a wide variety of implementation possibilities.
  • Proximity approach detection adds an additional dimension of user interactivity.
  • Use identical hardware for multiple product lines. Panel functions are defined in firmware.
  • Touch surface is solid and durable. Can be caustically cleaned.
  • Touch panels meet the latest Payment Card Industry security certifications.

GlideTouch® panels provide the ultimate combination of durability, advanced features and optical clarity. This highly versatile technology is an ideal solution for a variety of applications:

  • Notebook/Netbook touch screens
  • Secure point of sale terminals
  • Consumer electronics
  • Mobile phones and smart phones

Cirque strives to create innovative touch input solutions that improve the interface between humans and technology. Founded in 1991, Cirque is the original developer of capacitive touchpad solutions for laptop computers. We have built on GlidePoint, the original capacitive touch sensor technology, and now offer a complete range of touch input solutions. Cirque technology provides solutions that are durable, versatile and feature cutting edge touch input capability.