Welcome to our web page

Welcome to our web page

Maxi Electronic continues its strategic focus on the capacitive touch technology.

Since now more than 20 years we are a distributor for the products of our strong worldwide operating partners and our customers  appreciate the on-time delivery and reliability of our company. 

Please find on the following pages information about our product offerings. By working with our partners, we can always find a suitable solution for you and are happy to help.

Please contact us and we take care of your application.


Cirque strives to create innovative touch input solutions that improve the interface between humans and technology. Founded in 1991, Cirque is the original developer of capacitive touchpad solutions for laptop computers. We have built on GlidePoint, the original capacitive touch sensor technology, and now offer a complete range of touch input solutions. Cirque technology provides solutions that are durable, versatile and feature cutting edge touch input capability.