Touchpad Mouse

Touchpad Mouse

Touchpad Mouse

Meet the cats

Why push a mouse around your desktop when you can just point a finger? Eliminate the stress on your wrists and enjoy the touch control of one of our Smart Cat® line of mouse alternative peripherals and enhance any desktop system.

Cirque Desktop Touchpads

  • Provide more precise cursor control than the typical computer mouse.
  • Are ergonomically designed to eliminate stress on your wrists.
  • Are plug-and-play compatible.
  • Save space when compared to a mouse and mouse pad
  • Offer single and multi-finger Advanced Gestures, enabling faster access to the utilities you use most 

Cirque’s proven  GlidePoint®  technology allows you to simply glide your finger over the touchpad surface and gently tap (or click the buttons) to perform all input functions. With three categories of desktop touchpads to choose from, we have a solution to fit your digital lifestyle.

Cirque Smart Cat® AG

The Smart Cat features an exceptionally roomy touch surface and provides the ultimate in comfortable touch navigation. Optional software and button settings  enable customization for enhanced performance.

Cirque Easy Cat® AG

A sleek, attractive design, coupled with the comfortable ease-of-use found in all Cirque desktop touchpads, renders the Easy Cat the perfect solution for everyday home and office computer users who have grown weary of achy wrists and clumsy cursor navigation.


Cirque strives to create innovative touch input solutions that improve the interface between humans and technology. Founded in 1991, Cirque is the original developer of capacitive touchpad solutions for laptop computers. We have built on GlidePoint, the original capacitive touch sensor technology, and now offer a complete range of touch input solutions. Cirque technology provides solutions that are durable, versatile and feature cutting edge touch input capability.